Meade County Bank

About Us

You might have heard of us — because good news travels quickly around the small-town communities we love to serve! We’re a locally owned hometown bank that’s part of statewide group of financial institutions that have been around since the early-1950s. Serving Kentucky and Southern Indiana, we’re driven by a single purpose: to exceed your expectations of quality customer service. 

At Meade County Bank, we know you by your first name. (And odds are, we probably even know your dog’s name.) We’re not simply an address on a busy road. We’re not another faceless big-box bank that’s now doing business in your neighborhood. We’re not strangers or outsiders who look at customers as, well, just customers. Instead, we live where our friends and customers live, shop where they shop, and support many of the same things they support, like the Monster Truck Rally. We love knowing our customers and their families, and we thrive on the relationships we’ve created in our shared hometown. 

More locations. More opportunities.

Meade County Bank is proud to be a locally-owned hometown bank. We are dedicated to not only meeting but exceeding your customer service expectations of quality customer service.

This bank and every director, officer and employee is a part of this community. We live, shop and belong to the same organizations as you. We know our customers on a first name basis and can better understand your individual needs.

Whether you need a loan or are looking for a safe place to put your money, Meade County Bank is the right bank for you!

Our Leadership Team

Matt Pike



Laura Barr

Chief Operations Officer

Lucy Hager

Vice President


Kristen Barr

Vice President


Nik Powers

Vice President


Darlene Hayden

Asst. Vice President

Ethan Madison

Asst. Vice President


Elaine McKinney

Head Loan Processor

Brandy Pike

New Account Representative

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