Meade County Bank Turns 40!

Metz Camfield

As a kid, birthdays are fun and exciting. After all, it’s your day! But as you get older, birthdays can be less fun and more daunting – for some, at least. And, well, turning 40 can be … something. 

In case you haven’t seen online or noticed at the bank, we’re celebrating our 40th birthday this year! And “celebrating” is the correct and appropriate verb to use in this instance.

From our early days in a little trailer back in 1984, to now having four branches to serve you and your unique, individual needs, we have treated our customers like family, because you are. So, throughout this special year, we’d like to celebrate our 40th with you and show how much we care.

We will have a special celebration this summer at a date to be determined (more details coming!), and will have special giveaways periodically throughout the year. Please also keep an eye out for special 40th-anniversary themed Facebook posts, where we will use the #MCB40 hashtag.

Once again, thank you for your continued support of Meade County Bank. Like a young child, we’re thrilled for our birthday, but while many kids only celebrate their birthday for one day – OK, sometimes a week – we’re celebrating alllll year!